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Meet Dr. William Leach

For most of my life I really had no idea of what chiropractic care entailed.  I graduated college with a degree in Engineering and for most of my young adult life,  I had experienced constant mild back pain.  Not long into my career, I ‘tweaked’ my back and experienced excruciating back pain.  I did what most people would do and went to see my conventional doctor who prescribed pain medication and an anti-inflammatory.  This medication dulled my pain for a while, but ultimately proved to be ineffective.   I became unsatisfied with this symptomatic treatment and sought out options to fix this burden I carried.  The only “so-called” fix I was given with conventional medicine was to have surgery to fix the problem.  I knew there had to be something else so I decided to explore chiropractic care. I thought, what did I have to lose?

After my very first treatment administered by a chiropractor I felt tremendous relief, and after a couple of weeks of treatment my pain had subsided and I no longer felt the need to take any pain medications.  I proceeded to follow a structured regime of chiropractic treatments for a few months, and to this day I have not experienced any of the back pain that controlled my life over the past years.   I had only wished I sought out chiropractic care sooner in my life.

I couldn’t understand why chiropractic care wasn’t widely accepted, and even endorsed, as the first treatment option for healthcare.  I truly felt like I had found my calling in life and decided to change my career and become a chiropractor so I could help change lives the way it changed mine.

While studying chiropractic at National University of Health Sciences I took a strong interest in neurophysiology.  I learned that the nervous system is the “master controller” of all systems in the body and how important an optimally functioning nervous system is ultimately the key to great health.

I now apply my previous knowledge of engineering with my understanding of the systems of the body to treat my patients of their ailments.  A structurally sound spine is critical to an optimally functioning nervous system and the answer to living a long life, free of pain and disease, and full of vitality.



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